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Creating a Brighter California

We support expanding access to high-speed internet across the state so that all our communities can thrive. High-speed internet infrastructure is critical to expanding opportunity, enhancing network resiliency, and supporting a more connected future.

Expanding Opportunity

High-speed internet is transforming the way we live, driving economic growth and workforce development, and creating new opportunities for Californians to participate in the global economy. It helps students take online courses, residents search for jobs, employees have flexible work arrangements, and employers access a wider pool of talent. High-speed internet is helping California continue to innovate and open new doors for all our communities.

Building More Resilient Networks

As California continues to experience natural disasters that increase in frequency and severity, it is critical that Californians impacted by a natural disaster stay connected. During an emergency, digital networks serve as lifelines between first responders and residents. It's vital that our California residents have access to real-time evacuation orders and other critical information as soon as it is available. During disasters, having reliable connectivity can potentially save lives.

Supporting A More Connected Future

High-speed internet is critical for California to meet its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions goals, which will help support a connected future and improve the quality of life for all. Telehealth, working remotely, precision agriculture, smart grids, and energy efficient buildings all depend on reliable, modern high-speed networks. As well, fiber is more efficient than standard copper wiring and it can transfer more information faster and with higher quality over greater distances. Fiber can use close to twelve times less energy than copper because its data is transmitted in the form of light.

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