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About Californians for a Connected Future

Californians for a Connected Future (CCF) is a broad coalition of first responders, businesses, senior organizations, rural advocates, Tribal leaders, entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, community advocates and associations across the Golden State.

California has always been a leader in innovation and technology.

To maintain this leadership, we must do as much as possible to encourage the expansion of modern, digital, high-speed internet networks and ensure all Californians can access and use them. Our top priority is ensuring that all Californians have the same access to the daily benefits and long-term economic opportunities that come with connectivity.

The time is now.

With an influx of recent federal and state funding for high-speed internet infrastructure, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to connect all Californians to the technology that allows them to stay connected with family and friends across the globe via email, instant messaging, and video chat while also having access to health care providers, and educational and economic opportunities, over faster, higher capacity networks instead of over a traditional phone line. Our coalition wants to bring people, businesses, and decisionmakers from across the state together to ensure our policies are designed to encourage investment in today and tomorrow’s technology, not yesterday’s.

Creating a brighter California for all includes building high-speed internet infrastructure for everyone.

All of us need to be focused on ensuring every dollar of investment is going to the technology that is going to allow every Californian to compete in today’s economy, learn and work from home, access telehealth services, stay connected to loved ones and so much more.

Our Priorities

Expand Californians’ access to high-speed internet.

Build communications networks that are resilient, stable and secure to support all Californians, including our first responders.

Deploy modern technology that broadly serves Californians, including seniors, diverse communities, Tribal Nations, students, public safety entities, vulnerable populations and rural communities.

Conduct a balanced approach to telecommunications policy and a smart regulatory environment that supports our innovative 21st century economy and ensures it benefits all Californians.

Create an environment where communications technologies are a critical platform for economic development, good paying jobs, and attracting investment in California.

What Californians Are Saying

“High-speed internet is a necessity in our community. Whether you're low-income, a monolingual immigrant, or a child who must access your homework online, high-speed internet uplifts your quality of life.”
Rex Tabora
Executive Director of Asian Pacific American Community Center

“High-speed internet delivers access to job opportunities, employment training, health equity, civic education and many other important activities. Digital divide factors such as income and English proficiency contribute to the AAPI communities’ struggle to access the internet. To address the digital divide, we need to modernize our networks, provide broadband adoption resources and expand high-speed internet access for Californians.”
Christine Chen
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Asian Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote)
“State-of-the-art networks and continued broadband expansion are critical to our nation’s security, education, and economic prosperity.”
Alphonso Rivera
CEO of AMR Digital Forensics
“The African American Chamber of Commerce and African American Action Fund fully supports USTelecom’s and Californians for a Connected Future’s push to ensure California consumers have access to advanced networks and services. Our board of directors and members firmly believe modern networks and broadband expansion are critical to the African-American community. It is an added value we must have to expand access to educational programs and enhance economic development opportunities.”
Ahmad Holmes
Interim Chief Operating Officer for the California African American Chamber of Commerce
“There are many technology companies that offer well-paid remote jobs that bring income to our community. These jobs are found on sites like LinkedIn. It is imperative underserved communities have access to broadband within California to have equal access to these opportunities.”
Odessa Perkins
CEO of emPOWERment
“Modern networks deliver services that touch every social determinant of health, from education to economic strength to social assistance. While technology cannot replace in-person interaction, the internet offers people the opportunity to communicate online and improve connections with the outside world.“
Danielle Nelson
Executive Director of Janet Goeske Foundation
“In an increasingly technological age, individuals either directly or indirectly rely on broadband networks to access information and resources. We support practical policies that bridge the digital equity divide and equip communities with the agency to drive their own destiny.”
Troy Vaughn
CEO of Los Angeles Mission
“Empowering today’s youth with access to digital resources is paramount for fostering equitable advancement in our rapidly evolving world. By investing in digital equity, we are investing in a brighter future, where every young mind can thrive and contribute to shaping a technologically inclusive society.”
Kim Richards
CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson
“At BOSS™ our mission is to help BIPOC youth, especially Black, Latino and economically disadvantaged boys succeed in school, at home and in the community. Fast and reliable internet service is the key to bridging the digital divide and expanding access to essential services and educational and economic opportunities.”
Everett L. Glenn
CEO of BOSS (Business of Student Success)
“At the Asian Youth Center, we help low-income immigrant, at-risk youth and families access resources and services they need to succeed at school, at work and in life! In this day and age, helping low-income households access high-speed internet is essential to achieving our mission.”
Michelle Freridge
Executive Director of the Asian Youth Center
“The Rincon Tribal government, our people and employees heavily rely on fast reliable internet service on a daily basis. Whether it’s to speak to a loved one across the nation, our neighbors or develop a business partnership, it is critical that our people and employees have access to reliable broadband service.”
Bo Mazzetti
Chairman of the Rincon Tribe
“The presence of a robust broadband network will play a significant role in revitalizing the San Pasqual Tribal Community. It is necessary for improving our economic growth, job creation, college readiness, telemedicine, and improving the quality of life for all San Pasqual community members.”
Stephen W. Cope
Chairman of the San Pasqual Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of California

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